Monday, October 10, 2005

Documenting is a Good-ThingTM

I've been cleaning and writing some documentation on the Wiki regarding Monodoc. The problem is that, lately, my english is more broken that it should be (probably due to my year in Germany and that I haven't study english since..since..a lot).

Well, the thing is that someone please check the pages I modified. Here is the list:

Of course, I will also appreciate all types of comments: style, things not clearly explained, things that lack. The Monodocer page should be reviewed a lot and, also, I have to add an Assembler page (the link is there but I didn't write the page yet).

I recommend you to grab the SVN version of monodoc and mono-tools as some minor bugs are corrected. They were little annoying things that appear when using uncompiled sources from monodoc (the ones being created by monodocer). The bug that hanged Gecko-sharp when visiting big pages is also corrected.

There is yet one more bug that makes Monodoc browser to hang, which is really difficult to track. It doesn't reproduce in the same docs (at least, the docs of the bug review doesn't hang monodoc for me, but the same error appears in other places) and is due to a cast from an String somewhere in Gtk. The point is that, the same code is used once and again (setting the title label, near the back/forward arrows) and nothings happens until you enter some specific docs. I will need to sit down and spend some time on this.

Just one last question. Why don't try monodocer/monodoc for documenting your libraries?