Thursday, September 01, 2005

SOC ends

The SOC is over. The dialog wasn't finally added to Monodoc. However, there is the list of contributions at the home page and a new "Restore" button next to "save" and "close" buttons, that lets you delete your contribution and restore the old text.

Also, the Monodoc search patch is waiting approval at the mailing list. Just for the curious, here is an screenshot:

At the end I wasn't able to finish all the desired features like Comments or downloading new documentation. However, I plan to continue contributing, so they will come, sooner or later. I don't know yet how many free time I will have, but I'm sure I will find some to work with mono.

After reading lluis post I decided to play a little bit with Inkscape and, then, I realized why I spend more time programming than designing:

well, at least, the guys at seem happy with the logo I made for them.


LeLaulau the commentator said...

in your picture I found the M ok that wasn't hard.
The O with some imagination the head of the monkey.... and we can say it's so beautiful that it counts for two.
but... where is the N? :)

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