Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome to the Real World

The other night I went out with some friends and decided to wear a new-awesome-incredible T-Shirt I have. Luckily there was some paparazzi around who could register everything:

Thanks miguel!!!

In the monodoc camp there are little steps going on. First, and thanks to Rafael Ferreira, we have printing support now. The printing is performed by the GtkHTML widget even when using gecko, since gecko-sharp doesn't support printing by now; that means the printed documentation won't be so sexy as the rendered one (just substitute sexy with CSS-enabled). But, hey, it will be updated when gecko gets improved.

Other recent addition is that you don't have to create the indexes using a command-line option anymore (the search and the normal index) because monodoc handles it with a nice and simple GUI addition. However, the indexes created from inside the browser will be only accesible to that user, since there are created in the config folder. To try this, download a fresh SVN version of monodoc and mono-tools, remove from the monodoc directory the file monodoc.index and the directory search_index and start monodoc.

There is also an interesting conversation in the monodoc mailing list about whether it would be positive or negative for contributors the integration in the monodoc browser of the msdn-browser from Ben Maurer. What do you think?

The other day I was at the Beagle hack-fest in IRC. I had a lot of fun, special thanks goes to Lukas for organizing everything. At the end, I contributed with the first version (so far) of the search sidebar. At least it is more or less what Garret drawed.

Aside from Mono, I finished my degree and now, in the Real World, I'm looking for a job. I would love getting some response from these guys; meanwhile, I will be sending my CV everywhere. Do you need a Telecommunications Engineer?

Just an advice to finish the post. The other day I went to see Mayumana. If they go near to you, don't miss them. Is one of the most awesome things I've seen in the last months.


quark said...

I'd love to see MSDN browser integrated in MonoDoc. Then I'd actually use MonoDoc rather than the locally installed MSDN Library because MonoDoc is lighter, faster and easier to use. Plus, it's OSS so I could just extend it if I'm missing anything. :)

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