Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Return to Karlsruhe

I've visited Belgium this weekend with Paula. We were in Brussels, Brugges and Gehnt. The three of them are great places for tourism and Belgium is a nice country with three gastronomic attractions: Chocolate, Mussels and Beer. We have tried to enjoy all of them.

Chocolate fountain
Chocolate fountain

Mussels and Beer
/me enjoying a great meal

Brugges at night


LeLaulau said...

And where is the beer???? It's the best part of Belgium!!
ahhh Kasteel... my favourite :)

In Belgium you have Comics too.... but not so many people eat them. :)

Antonieta said...

q buena la primera foto!! toda artistica!! bueno, las otras igual me gustaron, q rrico, mariscos!! ;)un abrazo para ustedes dos!!! besos, Anto