Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why does it rain so much in Summer?

The first week of the Summer of Code is gone.

Every day I get a clearer vision of the whole Monodoc system. I've opened three battlefronts:

  • Integrate Gecko in Monodoc: I've already a working system but it lacks some functionality. I'm a little bored of fighting with the GtkMozEmbed and looking in Epiphany and Galeon source codes. Waiting a response from the tutor.

  • Use of CSS: I've started looking into this. Much of the works comes from rewriting the XSLT files.

  • Integrating search engine (Lucene): This one is the funniest at the time writing. I can already make easy searches and I'm looking how to integrate it nicely with the code.

From the not-so-Summer-of-Code department, I've been interviewed today for the tech section of a spanish newspaper: El PaĆ­s. I hope my grandma like it.

Eating a Kebab and drinking a Czech Budweiser in front of the Karlsruhe Schloss, with all the starts and some friends, is pretty near to the idea of happiness.

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LeLaulau said...

Ohhhh Czech Beeeeeer :)