Friday, July 29, 2005

The yo-yo

After finishing the last patch for Gecko support in monodoc I realized that some links were broken. Looking a little bit more on detail I found the problem. The nice URLs like T:System.Activator are being lower-cased by gecko to t:System.Activator, so the ecma-provider gets lost. I tried in firefox, epiphany, etc and found the same behavior. I remembered then a post in monologue about URLs and following a link to the RFC-spec I found the following:

Scheme names consist of a sequence of characters. The 
lower case letters "a"--"z", digits, and the characters plus
("+"), period ("."), and hyphen ("-") are allowed. For
resiliency, programs interpreting URLs should treat upper case
letters as equivalent to lower case in scheme names (e.g.,
allow "HTTP" as well as "http").

So I suppose gecko is just acting "polite" and lower-casing everything before the ':' for us. Thank you very much.

On the other hand, I've almost finished the search for Monodoc. I'm just playing with the process to try to improve the results and I realized It would be great if the people tell me different searches they would make and the results they would expect.

I couldn't resist to post this thingy Paula sent me. I'm sooooooo impressed how imperfect we are.

Hey, just open the GIMP and check it for yourself


Anonymous said...

I would not call it an inperfection. The fact that B looks brighter to us is indeed a good representation of what the picture shows. The area there is (= would be, if it wasn't just a computer generated image) indeed brighter but is covered in shadow, so our brain compensates that fact and we see that it is brighter... makes perfect sense to me ...

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the distinction we make between the shades is not imperfection, its a mark of human intelligence.

LeLaulau said...

Hmmm... I think the imperfection in the picture is that we cannot play chess with only one big green piece!! :)