Saturday, July 16, 2005

Search for the Holy Documentation

The last week was not very productive, I was just infected with a virus called lazyness. However I can post the first world premiere screenshot of Monodoc browser searching feature:

The GUI is not feature complete, but the idea it's clear. You write a search term, hit return and get your results grouped by that search term (woooooooooow). The thing would be as good as the performance of the searching. Just as Jon Trowbridge said at the Guadec, if you cannot give the user what he is looking for in the first 5-8 results, that is a bug. Nothing more to add.
At the moment, the search only works for the ECMA-C# spec, but I'm already working in the ECMA API, which, of course, is the most interesting.
I'm visiting Brussel with Paula next weekend so I will have to work hard next week to finish the Search'o'matic feature. It would be also great to write down all the ideas I'm thinking for Monodoc and send that to the list. Just as Lelalau uses to say: "mal sehen".

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LeLaulau said...

Hey copyright on my expression!!!! :)

Nice screenshot. It looks like a search engine :)